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Jul, 2019

Fall Tackle Combine

Kicking off our fall season each year is our Combine!  This is another great event that makes M.O.T. a unique program in our area.  We offer a combine evaluation period for our players.
By hosting a yearly combine, our coaches are able to draft a balanced competitive roster for the season.
Our main goal is to provide fun, competitive, and balanced football every week while implementing proper safety and technique in a positive enriching environment.
The M.O.T. combine and drafting system helps to ensure we are able to provide this to all our families and met our goals for everyone.
Age is determined as of July 31, 2019 for the FALL TACKLE  Season
  • Tiny Pro (Ages 4 & 5)
  • Little Pro (Ages 6 & 7)
  • Freshman (Ages 8 & 9)
  • JV (Ages 10 & 11) 
  • Varsity (Ages 12 & 13) (14 year olds that meet a specific criteria)
A limited number of spots are available in some divisions.  
Divisions will close once capacity is met.  Pre-Registration through our website,, is strongly recommended to secure your athlete participation for the season.  
Combine will be approximately 1.5 to 2 hrs in length per division depending on division size and number in attendance that evening. Please plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to your start time to be properly checked in.

Tiny Pro Players do not need to attend the combine.  The combine is designed for players in the Little Pro and up divisions.
The Tiny Pro Rosters will be released after the draft is complete.   Our Tiny Pro Player will not start practice until August 7th. You will be contacted by email.  More information to follow. 
The registration for the fall flag season will begin after the completion of the Tackle Draft.  We will post an announcement as soon as fall flag registration opens. The fall flag season begins August 31st.
Combine Dates:
  • Monday, July 22nd
  • Tuesday, July 23rd
  • Wednesday, July 24th
  • Thursday, July 25th
  • Rain date: Friday, July 26th  This date will only be used if one of the dates listed above is cancelled due to weather.  We will communicate in advance any changes to the schedule.
Who Should Attend?
All athletes planning to participate in the 2019 Fall Tackle Season that wish to be eligible for the draft. This includes new players to the league, new players to a division, or a player in the same division that wishes to be considered for another team.   If your athlete is unable to attend combine, they will be placed on a team by lottery after the draft is complete.
We suggest players to register in advance for ease of check-in. If a player is unable to register in advance to combine, they will need to register on-site at their first combine attendance prior to participating.  
If you have a returning player to the same division and they want to return to the same team; they do not need to attend combine but  they must register prior to the start of combine.  All returning players were emailed details last week regarding registering.
How many dates to attend?
Players that fit the details above must attend, check- in, and participate in 2 of the combine dates.  
Players are welcome to attend more, but they must attend atleast 2 dates to be eligible for the draft. 
A player that does not attend two of the dates for combine, will be chosen for a team by lottery after the draft
What if you can't attend the combine?
If you are unable to attend the combine, you will still be assigned to a team by random after the draft is complete.  Lottery assigned players will still be announced with their team at the Draft Announcement Ceremony
Combine Check In:
  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to the combine start time, Players will check in at 6:00pm- Combine will start promptly at 6:30pm - If you are not pre-registered, plan to arrive at between 5:00pm and 5:30pm.
  • Freshman & Varsity will check in at the Blue Pavilion /  Little Pro & Junior Varsity will check in at the White Pavilion
  • Follow the signs at the Pavilions for Check In
  • During Check-In, each athlete will be verified and receive their combine number and wristband
  • Upon Check-In players will be marked in attendance and given participation credit for the day.
  • Once Checked In athletes will be directed to the appropriate combine area.  Athletes are divided by Age group at combine
  • Players will get in line in number order based on their wristband.  Athletes will have the same number each night they attend
  • Players will check-in each time they attend a combine date to receive participation credit
What to Wear:
  • Athletes should dress appropriate for the weather in any athletic apparel they are comfortable to perform in
  • Athletes should wear either cleats
  • Each athlete should also bring a water bottle
  1. Monday: NO PADS/ NO HELMET 
  2. Tuesday: Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Hip, Tail, and Knee pads along with mouth piece
  3. Wednesday:  Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Hip, Tail, and Knee pads along with mouth piece
  4. Thursday:  Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Hip, Tail, and Knee pads along with mouth piece
What is Combine:
Combine will consist of a series of drills/stations for athletes to demonstrate speed, accuracy & agility.
All athletes will stretch and warm up together at the start of each session.  A demonstration at the start of each drill/station will be given so that all athletes know how to proceed.  No one is expected to be perfect, the only expectation during this process is for each athlete to try their best!
Monday (No Pads) will consist of:
  • 40 Yard Dash
  • Push Ups
  • 3-pad Step Drill
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday (With pads) will consist of:
  • Pass and Receiving
  • Shoot & Fire Off
  • Tackling with a bag (not a "live" tackle)
Once athletes have completed all drills/stations they will be dismissed.

After Combine:
  • Once Combine is complete, the coaches will draft all athletes to the appropriate teams.
  • Players that were not able to attend the combine or did not attend two dates or players that register after the combine will be placed on teams by lottery
  • Draft Ceremony (See Scheduling Below)
  • Coaches will meet with their team briefly after the Draft Ceremony for each division. 
  • Game schedules will be released by August 10th
  • Teams will begin practicing on July 31st. 
  • Each coach will set their practice schedule and communicate it to their team
  • All divisions will scrimmage on Saturday,  August 17th
  • All divisions will have their first game on Saturday, August 24th
  • All teams DO have games on August 31st
  • Please plan to arrive at least 1-hour before each game for team practice.  Depending on the division, some teams may meet earlier.  
  • Uniform distribution will happen later in the month of August. 

Monday Combine Schedule of Events:
6:00pm Arrive and Check In
6:30pm Line up in number order by division
6:35pm Warm- Up
6:50pm 40-yard Dash (6:55pm- 7:30pm)
7:35pm Push Ups- Times over 1- Minute (7:40pm- 8:00pm) (Lines of 8)
8:00pm 3-Pad Step Drill ( 8:00pm-8:25pm)
8:30pm Dismissal
Above is a general schedule.  Divisions may end at different times based on size of division and number in attendance
Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday Schedule of Events:
6:00pm Arrive and Check In
6:30pm Line up in number order by division
6:35pm Warm- Up
6:50pm Passing & Receiving (6:55pm- 7:30pm)
7:35pm Shoot & Fire Off (7:40pm- 8:00pm) (Lines of 8)
8:00pm Tackling with a Bag( 8:00pm-8:25pm)
8:30pm Dismissal
Above is a general schedule.  Divisions may end at different times bases on size of division and number in attendance