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About Us



  • Welcome to MOT FOOTBALL & Cheer !  Home of the  #1 Youth Football & Cheer Program in the East!
  • We humbly state our program is the best program you will find anywhere.
  • Our mission is to provide the best possible youth football/cheer experience for your child and family from ages 4 to 13 
  • We take great pride in our mission of service to all who participate in our league.
  • We are a non-profit league that invests all of its resources to benefit the youth and families of our league (MOT).
  • We state that we have the best program you will find: that statement is made from over 20 years of youth football & cheer  experience.  We love what we do! (MOT BOARD HAS OVER 75 YEARS of combined experience at MOT) 
  • We don't make that statement to be prideful in any way. We are not perfect.  We simply love serving our community and we are fully committed to excellence.  I no longer have any children playing in our league. But, as a father of 6, I realize the years spent with our children will be looked upon as some of the most precious years of our life. We can't get these years back. I promise you that we will make every effort to provide to you and your family a positive, and rewarding experience at MOT.   
  • We want you to chose MOT Football/Cheer as your home, and we love our mission of service to our community through football and cheer. We plan for our season 365 days a year!  If interested in volunteering in anyway - we'd love to have you.
  • We offer a full refund until August 15th 2019 .
  • All are welcome! We currently have or have had families from Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey call MOT their football and cheer home.  There are no residential restrictions or weight restrictions to be be eligible to play.
  • We will have over 700 participates in our league this year!
  • It's worth the trip and less than 30 minutes from all major surrounding areas, Newark, Bear, New Castle, Smyrna, Dover and Elkton.
  • Our Football  & Cheer Program has earned more National Championships than any other program in our State!

    Our MOT motto has long been "THINK POSITIVE, BE POSITIVE" & "MOT FAMILY"

    2019 is going to be an great year at MOT!

    Come be a part of MOT Family!

    God Bless our children and families.  
    Numbers 6:24 - 26   

    Dave Curran
    MOT President